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An explanation behind the 55th webcomic

It’s no joke. This has been planned for more than a year, because, it was bothering me for more than several years ever since I started this webcomic.


Yalyn is the name of the author for GreySky.

Yalyn is the name of the protagonist for GreySky.

That’s the problem.

While it might be obvious, (for some I believe,) Yalyn isn’t really my name, it’s a nickname I started using ever since I entered into the whole Internet sort-of-things. The same is like-wise for the protagonist of GreySky, the guy with the spikey black hair. Yalyn isn’t his real name either.


I liked the whole 3-letter system I went for my characters so I thought it’s time to have a permanent change on both Yalyn and Sayara. Now all the major characters have 3 letter names.


Yalyn is a name I made up when I was creating my very first character for Phantasy Star Online. I wanted to create an original name rather than seeing the 100th Sonic character name or even Sephiroth for the millionth time. While my previous username I go by is Number 2 (SonicNo2 even further back) in PSO forums … the rest of the websites out there? I just go as Yalyn. It sort of grew on me. It’s kind of normal to take a persona of character that you’ve created. But the thing is that I now have to separate the character and me because I am no longer role playing that character, I am a storyteller (narrator of the character’s action.) In tabletop gaming terms, I am the Game Master, not the Player Character.

As for the protagonist. The character do have a reason why he prefer the 5 letter name rather than the short one. It’s all because of some childhood hero he liked. He liked it enough that he wanted to take that as his new nickname only then that later, Kel pushed him to switch back to his earlier nickname.

In the end:

To end this, I don’t mind if people call me Yalyn instead of Yabo. It’s just time for me to end this before things get complicated/confusing.

Thanks for reading. I hope to continue making more webcomics.

Two personal rules I go by when I make webcomics.

While many things are being pushed back (because of real-life stuff) I thought I might as well make this post. I hope that you will also understand bit better on what kind of webcomics I make.

  • Rule No.1: No internet memes, no inside jokes, do not create content that only 1 out of 100 can understand.
  • Rule No.2: Do not create anything that is related to recent event(s).

For the first rule, while it can be enjoyable to feature something that your group of friends found on the internet, you have to step back and think. Internet memes can weaken your work if most of your audience are not familiar with most or any sort of internet meme they come across.

Back in the old days I’ve created old PSO (Phantasy Star Online) fan comics (done in strip style) and they are designed for only the most hardcore PSO players to understand the joke. Even experienced players will have a long time understanding what is going on. Some strips where even more specific to the point that only my friend and I got the laugh out of it. To the audience, it’s a mystery.

It’s not fun for a confused reader to read something they don’t get only then to research on several websites just to understand the joke.

Not to mention they can also be dated and speaking of that, rule number two. The second rule is more about something that happens around us.

Politics are quick example but I am a lot better with videogames, but I am not going into details though. Let’s say there is videogaming convention and there is new videogame system/software. It’s easy to pick out the details and make something out of it. It’s even more easy if the event went disastrous.

Even more, let’s have some triple-A videogame be released, only then to learn it ended up being a buggy mess. There’s an opportunity.

Also pointing out things that is out of logic due to the fact of either for fictional reasons or poor programming.

Could even go so far to shout out to the developers or publishers of how their decision(s) is either great or not so great.

While these are great and I could have enjoyment out of making these, it can be dated very quickly. Imagine reading some old webcomics that poked fun at several things that I have talked about. While it’s great for historical purposes, the work no longer has that impact.

To end this off, I want to emphasize that these are my personal rules. You do not need to follow them at all. This is just to give an idea of what kind of webcomics I like to make. Who knows if I’ll end up breaking these rules.

Maybe someday I’ll have a third rule to add this.

Important series of updates.

So at first I wanted to make an hour long video of me talking while having PSO as my background footage but video editor didn’t want to cooperate.

So instead I’ll just write them down here in a short version instead.

The web side

  • You might noticed how minimal/barebones the main site is and it is intentional. The reason why, is that if my website is not mobile friendly for Google, my site is most likely not to appear if anyone searches my site from their portable device (if they are searching on Google of course.)
  • Because of that I had to find something to get out of Wordpress because the navigation buttons are too small and other things that I also do not like about Wordpress. So I found a quick solution called Grawlix and after wasting 30-40 hours I could not get it to work. I did get help from both the creators of the CMS and the host services. No luck. So I end up going back to the minimal/barebones Poor Man’s Comic Publisher which is created by Triskaideka.
  • While trying to get into Grawlix I also switch hosts in hopes of getting Grawlix to work. I ended up switching from A Small Orange to HostGator. Might as well have unlimited bandwidth (unmetered.)

The Grey universe

  • I am trying to make more evil characters for the GreySky series. So far I have a couple in concept.
  • I have V the punk leader, Des the rejected spy, Sis the sharpshooter/sniper, Zoe the goth magic-user.
  • The ones that doesn’t have a name yet is the cyborg who uses an assault rifle and an odd suitcase, talented young dark-skin boy is has a knack for fixing things.
  • The names are subject to change by the way.
  • I am very happy about how I manage to put together the new house that the characters are moving to. I may make a BTS (behind the scenes) of how the house is laid out.
  • Character list is still within planning. I don’t know if a wiki is needed yet.

Personal things/making art stuff

  • Around March 2016 I started releasing webcomics weekly instead of rarely posting anything.
  • I’ll admit things are getting a bit difficult in terms of getting the webcomics out. I think there is only two times that I have past the actual day the new webcomic should be out but instead it ended up being several hours late. I apologize for that.
  • I have intentionally avoid buying the new MonsterHunter game because the pervious MonsterHunter game I’ve played, I wasted more than 500+ hours. There is a lot I could of done with those collected amount of hours. It is also the reason why I haven’t made any new webcomics for 1.5 years. That had changed when I started pushing out webcomics weekly on March 2016. I used to be part of a group that plays MonsterHunter and I know they would taunt me to the point where they would discourage me from drawing and just play with them instead. That is no longer a problem now.
  • Games I still have interest, planning to play them, or already playing them:
  • Any PSO games
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Pokemon romhacks
  • Black Desert Online
  • Yet despite of all that I’ve uninstalled Steam. The reason is that not only, I want to “try” to stray away from games, but I want to stop myself from buying games only then I do not even play them. Save myself the money (and time.)

Last major news

  • Have load of things I want to write on the blog, reviewing laptops, reviewing books, tutorials, and more.
  • I wanted to open up a Patreon once my 50th webcomic is out but I deiced that I do not want to because of two points. 1.) I have nothing written down for it. Not even a draft. 2.) I don’t think I deserve it yet.

I want to thank everyone who read my webcomcics. Whenever late or not, thank you.